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A Life Changing Place for Betsy

July 8, 2021


A life changing place to make friends and to be seen

Meet Betsy.

Betsy joined Youth For Christ’s Campus Life ministry her freshman year of high school. Curious maybe? But, mainly to get connected with other people on campus – to make friends and to be seen.

Entering high school is a pivotal moment, story shaping moment for young people. Oftentimes, students can feel overlooked, YFC’s faithful leaders understand that every story is beautiful and meet kids right where they are.

YFC Campus Life has become a life-changing place for Betsy. Every week for two years, you would find Betsy engaged in the ministry of YFC Campus Life. For two years she faithfully built relationships with YFC leaders and other friends. Then the moment we pray for. The moment we ask ministry partners, like you to pray for. The moment that changes eternity happened, Betsy said, “yes” to Jesus. Since then, Betsy has committed to sharing the love of Christ with her friends, and the amazing part is her YFC leaders get to watch as she passionately shares her faith and her story with her family. Betsy comes from a Spanish-speaking home where both her parents and grandparents only speak Spanish. YFC has been able to connect Betsy’s family to a local Spanish Church where she and her family could attend together. But there is more, on Easter Sunday Betsy’s entire family was baptized! Betsy continues to share God’s story with her friends through YFC’s Core ministry.

YFC Campus Life: Through a holistic approach Campus Life helps students as they wrestle with critical issues. Leaders help young people realize a Christ-centered life that provides balance mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially. 

YFC Core® mobilizes students to reach other young people in their schools, communities, and in other spheres of life.

Youth For Christ has chapters impacting thousands of communities across the nation that seek out and serve young people from all walks of life, just like Betsy. Many are silently struggling through a variety of challenging issues. YFC encourages staff and volunteers to build authentic Christ-sharing relationships through the ups and downs of everyday life.

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